74HC165N (Shift Register)

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Internal Reference: EC-182

74HC165N (Shift Register)

If you are building a digital circuit that needs memory, a shift register is an absolute must in your circuit. Even though you can easily build a shift register using a flip-flop, it is still better to make use of a shift register, since it reduces the complexity of your circuit, and it tidies up your circuit a lot.

Because the HC family of digital components make use of CMOS transistors, they have a wide range of operating voltages, they can easily communicate with HCT components even though they are much less expensive than HCT components, and they have low power dissipation with high noise margins. 

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage -0.5V - 6V
Operating voltage 2V - 6V
Parallel-to-serial data conversion Yes
Max clock frequency at room temperature 6V 36MHz


Pin layout:

74HC165 pin layout

Extra resources:

Datasheet for 74HC165N