GL4516 LDR (10 Pack)
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Internal Reference: EC-181-N

GL4516 LDR

Are you in the market for a reliable light-dependent resistor? Look no further than the exciting new GL4516 LDR! This powerful light-dependent resistor is ideal for any hobbyist looking to build out a unique lighting project. With its high-end specs, including a max voltage of 150VDC and maximum power dissipation of 50mW, you can create the bright and vibrant lighting displays of your dreams! 

Photoresistors also referred to as light-dependent resistors (LDR), are light-sensitive devices most commonly used to indicate the presence or lack of light or measure the intensity of light. In the dark, their resistance is very high, sometimes upwards, but when the LDR sensor is exposed to light, the resistance drops dramatically depending on the light intensity, even on some ohms. LDRs have a sensitivity that varies with the wavelength of the light applied and are non-linear devices.

LDRs are very sensitive to changes in light intensity. This means that they can detect even small changes in the amount of light that is present. This makes them ideal for use in applications where precise light sensing is required, such as in automatic lighting systems or in photography equipment. 

Another advantage of LDRs is that they are highly reliable. They are designed to be durable and to operate reliably over long periods of time. This means that they can be used in applications where continuous operation is required, such as in outdoor lighting systems or in security systems.

LDRs and their Resistance

The above image shows you a list of LDRs and what their potential resistance can be. This image also shows you what their resistance should be when there is light and when it's dark. The image also indicates the different response times of the LDRs.

GL4516 LDR Specification

  • Type: GL4516
  • Max voltage (VDC): 150.
  • Maximum Power Dissipation (mW): 50
  • Ambient temperature (C): -30~+70
  • Peak wavelength (nm): 540.
  • Light resistance (10Lux)(KΩ): 5-10.
  • Dark resistance (MΩ): 0.6.
  • Gamma value (at 10 ~ 100 Lux): 0.5.
  • Increase response time (ms): 30