Op Amp OPA227U 8-Pin SOIC

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Internal Reference: EC-171

Op Amp OPA227U 8-Pin SOIC

This small but powerful operational amplifier is used in circuits that require high precision voltages and very low noise. Because this operational amplifier only has 8 pins, it also only has one channel which means that it can easily be used in smaller circuits that does not require multiple operational amplifiers. Due to the size of then IC you can easily use a few operational amplifiers in the same circuit, so you can place each IC in an optimal space and avoid unnecessary complication of the circuit. These amplifiers are commonly used in professional audio equipment.

Technical specifications:

Preferred supply voltage range

5V - 15V

Input Voltage

-2V - +2V

Input base current


Short circuit current


Open loop gain



Extra recourses:

See data sheet here.