DIP Switch 8 Pole (3 Pack)

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Internal Reference: EC-164-N

Slide DIP Switch 8 Pole

This slide DIP switch is PCB mounted, which means that it is easy to use on a breadboard and it can easily be used to replace slide DIP switches on a circuit board. It has 8 switches that can be used to select modes for a circuit. If you need less switches for your circuit, you can simply not connect the pins of the switches that you don't need, or you can keep the switches in an off state. 

This slide DIP switch is single pole single throw with a 2.54mm pitch.


  • Select modes of a circuit
  • Adding or removing components on IOT
  • Program new remotes to a security system

How to connect it:

If you hold the DIP switch so that the numbers are the right way up, you simply need to connect the input and output of the switches to the pins that align with the switch that you want to use. When the slide is down, the switch is off, and the slide is at the top, it means that the switch is switched on.

Please note:

  •  These switches are not made the operate with high currents. Use a maximum of 100mA.
  • The colour may differ depending on stock..