6800uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor

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Internal Reference: EC-159

6800 UF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor

An electrolytic capacitor definition is, it is a polarized capacitor whose anode has a higher or more positive voltage than the cathode. As the name suggests, it is a polarized capacitor. An electrolytic capacitor function uses an electrolyte to operate with a higher or more positive voltage on the anode than the cathode. Therefore, the anode terminal is denoted with a positive sign, while the cathode with a negative sign.

An electrolytic capacitor uses an electrolyte in the form of solid, liquid or gel – serves as a cathode or negative plate to achieve much higher capacitance per unit volume. On the other hand, a positive plate or anode made of metal acts as an insulating oxide layer formed through anodization. Allowing an oxide layer to work as the dielectric of the capacitor.

Because of the size of this electrolytic capacitor, it is great to smooth a signal and eliminate any peaks or ripples that may occur on a signal or current.

Technical specifications:

Max voltage 16V
Capacitance 6800uF
Polarised Yes