Spring Loaded Toggle Switch SPST (Red)

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Component Electronic Switch New Arrivals

Internal Reference: EC-158

Spring Loaded Toggle Switch(Red)

Are you looking for something to make your projects sparkle? Look no further! Introducing our Spring Loaded Toggle Switch(Red), the perfect solution for all your switching needs! Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or a beginner, this toggle switch is going to take your project to the next level.

Spring Loaded Toggle switches are a type of electronic switch, one of the most basic and widely used electrical components. Electronic switches provide on-off control for electrical circuits by interrupting the flow of current or allowing it to resume. This is achieved by removing a metal contact from the terminal (endpoint of a circuit) or bringing the two back into contact.

These switches are ideal to use with circuit boards. These switches are very simple to seal, extremely durable, and typically they have a small footprint. These types of switches can control electricity well. These switches are available in small & standard sizes. These can be operated & extended by a lever. The electricity used by these switches is less so these are energy efficient. These switches are very strong.

Working principle of a toggle switch

When the contact is connected, the circuit is closed - live - electrical current can flow through and the attached device will turn on and operate. Then when the contact is moved away again the flow of current is broken, the circuit becomes open and the device is switched off.


  • Toggle switches are used as switching circuits within industrial, commercial equipment & telecommunication.
  • These switches are used in switching headlights, logic-level applications, vehicles, and control panels of airplanes. etc.
  • It can be used as the main switch for AC & industrial equipment like conveyors, packaging machines, etc.
  • These switches can be found in commercial, domestic & industrial power points.
  • These are used in many electrical and industrial devices like conveyor belts, and residual current devices (RCDs).
  • These switches allow the car drivers to quickly access indicator lights, similar controls & headlights.

Spring Loaded Toggle Switch(Red) Specification

  • Contact resistance (Max) is 10M Ohms.
  • Initial voltage ranges from 120V to 250V AC.
  • Max current: 5A @ 120VAC, 2A @ 250VAC
  • The current supply is 100mA for both gold & silver-plated contacts.
  • Insulation resistance (Min) is 1,000M Ohms.
  • Dielectric strength is 1,000 Vrms at sea level.
  • The operating temperature ranges from -30 to 85 °C.