N-Channel Mosfet IRL2505

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Internal Reference: EC-153

N-Channel Mosfet IRL2505

Mosfets are commonly used as logic gates, that are opened when they sense a high enough voltage on the gate pin. These mosfets are ideal to control motor, or to apply PWM to control motor speed. Because relays make noise every time that they switch on and off, and they cannot function with PWM signals, this integrated circuit is a good choice to use instead of a relay.

Because this is logic level mosfet, it can easily be used with a microprocessor to open and close the gate for current to flow. This makes it ideal for hobbyists to test the logic of software if you do not have access to components that can be driven directly from the microprocessor.

Technical specifications:

Max drain source voltage


Max continuous drain current


Gate to source voltage


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