KCD1-101 Rocker Switch

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Internal Reference: EC-143

KCD1-101 Rocker Switch

Rocker switches are among the most familiar switch types you will encounter. The definition simply requires that the switching part of the mechanism rocks between two or more positions when pressed. As one end raises, the other lowers. They are also sometimes called see-saw switches. Rocker switches can be contrasted with toggle or trip switches. With toggle switches, changing the switch position usually involves moving a small lever up or down, where it clicks into place. Rocker switches are not designed to move around in their housing this way. Instead, they just tilt back and forth around a central pivot point.  Choices of position for a rocker switch will often be limited to on/off, but some types may have three or more options to choose from. It is not uncommon for them to use a central off position, although switches with this feature tend to be more widely used in industrial settings as opposed to domestic ones.


Product Name
Rocker Switch
2 Pins
Rated Voltage / Rated Current
AC 250V 6A; AC 125V 10A


17mm x 12mm x 11mm


Plastic, Metal