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Component Electronic Electronics Semiconductor

Internal Reference: EC-126


The FQP27P06 is a through hole, -60V P channel QFET MOSFET in the TO-220 package.

This device features a planar stripe and DMOS technology which has been tailored to minimize the on-state resistance and provide superior switching performance and high avalanche energy strength. It is suitable for switched mode power supply, audio amplifier, DC motor control, and variable switching power applications.

Technical Specification:

  • Low reverse transfer capacitance of typically 120pF
  • Low gate charge is typically 33nC
  • Drain to source voltage (Vds) of -60V
  • Gate to source voltage of ±25V
  • Continuous drain current (Id) of -27A
  • Power dissipation (Pd) of 120W
  • Low on-state resistance of 55mohm at Vgs -10V
  • Operating temperature range -55°C to 175°C

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