Zenner Diode 10V (10 Pack)

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Internal Reference: EC-117-10V-N

Zener Diode 10V

A strongly doped semiconductor device created to work oppositely is a Zener diode, sometimes referred to as a breakdown diode. A Zener diode’s junction collapses, and current flows in the opposite direction when the voltage between its terminals is reversed and the potential approaches the Zener voltage (also known as the knee voltage). The Zener Effect is the name of this phenomenon.

As a voltage regulator Zener Diode shunt voltage regulators, the use of Zener diodes is frequently employed to control the voltage across tiny loads. With Zener Diodes, the breakdown voltage is sharply reversed and remains constant over a wide range of currents. To ensure that the applied voltage will reverse bias the Zener diode as a voltage regulator, we will thus link it in parallel with the load. Therefore, the voltage across the stream will be constant across the Zener diode if the reverse bias voltage exceeds the knee voltage.

Nominal Zener Voltage


Diode Configuration


Mounting Type

Through Hole

Number of Elements per Chip


Package Type


Zener Type

Voltage Regulator

Zener Voltage Tolerance


Pin Count


Test Current


Maximum Zener Impedance



1.7 (Dia.) x 3.9mm

Maximum Operating Temperature

+175 °C

Typical Voltage Temperature Coefficient

-0.02 %/°C, 0.02%/°C