LM3940 TO-220

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Internal Reference: EC-109

Are you looking for a reliable and precision fixed-voltage regulator? Look no further than the LM3940 TO-220! With its wide input voltage range of 4.5 volts to 5.5 volts and its excellent load regulation, this regulator can easily meet your needs in any project you’re working on. It is capable of providing up to 1 amp of output current while maintaining an accurate output voltage with only one external component required.

For optimized safety and protection, the LM3940 comes with built-in protection against excess temperature and short-circuits as well as both a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) at 100 KHz (32 dB) and low noise (150 µVrms). You also don’t have to worry about operating temperature: the LM3940 has a temperature range from -40°C to 125°C so you can work comfortably year-round without interruption!

This precision regulator is perfect for hobbyist projects and beyond – pick up your LM3940 TO-220 today!
  • Iout (max) (A): 1
  • Vin (max) (V): 5.5
  • Vin (min) (V): 4.5
  • Vout (max) (V): 3.3
  • Vout (min) (V): 3.3
  • Fixed output options (V): 3.3
  • Noise (µVrms):150
  • Iq (typ) (mA): 0.11
  • Thermal resistance θJA (°C/W): 23
  • Load capacitance (min) (µF): 33
  • Regulated outputs (#): 1
  • Accuracy (%): 2.5
  • PSRR at 100 KHz (dB): 32
  • Dropout voltage (Vdo) (typ) (mV): 310
  • Operating temperature range (°C)-40 to 125