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Internal Reference: EC-108

The BTA24-600CWRG is a triac switch designed to control AC power in many applications. It offers reliable and precise current control, with a greater than 97% off-state dv/dt immunity and the ability to trigger current at a low voltage of 6 Volts. This makes it ideal for controlling dimmer switches, motor speed control, and heating elements.

A triac is a bidirectional switch used for AC power control. It has three terminals and can be triggered by a small control signal. Once triggered, it conducts current in both directions until the current falls below a threshold. It turns off at the next zero-crossing point of the AC waveform, allowing precise control of power delivery.


Rated Average On-State Current 25A
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type TO-220AB
Maximum Gate Trigger Current 35mA
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 600V
Surge Current Rating 260A
Pin Count 3
Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage 1.3V
Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Voltage 600V
Maximum Holding Current 50mA
Dimensions 10.4 x 4.6 x 9.3mm
Length 10.4mm
Width 4.6mm
Height 9.3mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +125 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Peak On-State Voltage 1.55V
Repetitive Peak Off-State Current 0.005mA