10A1000V KBU1010 Rectifier Bridge

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Internal Reference: EC-106

10A1000V KBU1010 Rectifier Bridge

Are you a hobbyist looking for an ideal single-phase rectifier bridge? Look no further than the 10A1000V KBU1010 Rectifier Bridge! This durable, high-quality product is perfect for your needs.

The bridge rectifier is a type of full-wave rectifier that uses four diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to convert alternating (AC) current to a direct (DC) current. A single diode can transform AC power into an intermittent DC flow, but a bridge rectifier uses four diodes to reverse the direction of both sides of the AC pulse. With a bridge rectifier, the DC still oscillates from zero to a peak value, but it doesn't cut out half the time.

The rectifier bridge has the characteristics of small size and is convenient to use. Good temperature and power cycle ability ensures a more stable performance. Electrically isolated metal case for maximum heat dissipation.


10A1000V KBU1010 Rectifier Bridge Specification

  • Type of bridge rectifier: single-phase
  • Max. off-state voltage: 1kV
  • Load current: 10A
  • Max. forward impulse current: 180A
  • Version: flat
  • Case: KBU
  • Electrical mounting: THT
  • Leads: wire Ø 1.3mm
  • Kind of package: bulk
  • Features of semiconductor devices: glass passivated