IXFP110N15T2 TO-220

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Component Prototyping IC

Internal Reference: EC-093

XFP110N15T2 TO-220.

MOSFETs or Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors were invented to overcome the disadvantages posed by FETs, such as slow operation, high drain resistance, and moderate input impedance. In this article, let us learn about the basics of MOSFET.

Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors commonly known as MOSFETs are electronic devices used to switch or amplify voltages in circuits. It is a voltage-controlled device and is constructed by three terminals. The terminals of MOSFET are named as follows:

For more have a look at the link: How it works.

IXFP110N15T2 TO-220 Specification:

Manufacturer   IXYS
Product Category   FETs - Single
Series   IXFP110N15
Packaging  To-220
Unit-Weight 0.012346 oz
Mounting-Style Through Hole
Tradename HiPerFET
Package-Case TO-220-3
Technology Si
Number-of-Channels 1 Channel
Configuration Single
Transistor-Type 1 N-Channel
Pd-Power-Dissipation 480 W
Maximum Operating Temperature + 175 C
Operating temperature range - 55 C
Fall-Time 18 ns
Rise-Time 16 ns
Vgs-Gate-Source-Voltage 20 V
ID (drain current) 110 A
Vds-Drain-Source-Breakdown-Voltage 150 V
Vgs-th-Gate-Source-Threshold-Voltage 4.5 V
Rds-On-Drain-Source-Resistance 11 mOhms
Transistor-Polarity N-Channel
Typical-Turn-Off-Delay-Time 33 ns
Turn-On Delay Time 33 ns
Qg-Gate-Charge 150 nC
Transconductance 75 S
Channel-Mode Enhancement


For more information on this MOSFET here is a datasheet

IXFP110N15T2 TO-220 Features:

• International standard packages
• 175°C Operating Temperature
• High current handling capability
• Fast intrinsic Rectifier
• Dynamic dV/dt rated
• Low RDS(on)

IXFP110N15T2 TO-220 Advantages:

• Easy to mount
• Space savings
• High power density

IXFP110N15T2 TO-220 Applications:

• DC-DC converters
• Battery chargers
• Switched-mode and resonant-mode power supplies
• DC choppers
• AC motor drives
• Uninterruptible power supplies
• High-speed power-switching applications