Waterproof Round Rocker Switch without light

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Switches Component Electronic Switch

Internal Reference: EC-082

Waterproof Round Rocker Switch without light

This waterproof Rocker Switch is a standard on/off switch for electronics projects that are designed to add on/off functionality to a project while adding to the aesthetic appeal. Colored black, they fit into many different color palettes. They feature an I and an O to visually represent the on/off status and are capable of loads rating up to 250V and 6A.

We also have one with a power indication lamp here.

Despite being known as panels, this is essentially just a little Rocker Switch with insulated enclosures. The insulation protects users from electrical leakage, while the press area is made to be comfortable and firm. This ensures that you are completely secure from any potential electrical problems, and cannot mistakenly leave the switch halfway – keeping the circuit safe from potential arcing and electrical damage.