22NF 100V 223J Block Capacitor (10 Pack)

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Internal Reference: EC-080-N

Block/Correction Capacitor 223J 100V 22NF.

Polypropylene film capacitors have a dielectric made of the thermoplastic, non-polar, organic, and partially crystalline polymer material Polypropylene (PP), trade name Treofan, from the family of polyolefins. They are manufactured both as metalized wound and stacked versions, as well as film/foil types. Polypropylene film is the most-used dielectric film in industrial capacitors and also in power capacitor types. The polypropylene film material absorbs less moisture than polyester film and is therefore also suitable for "naked" designs without any coating or further packaging. But the maximum temperature of 105 °C hinders the use of PP films in SMD packaging.

The temperature and frequency dependencies of electrical parameters for polypropylene film capacitors are very low. Polypropylene film capacitors have a linear, negative temperature coefficient of capacitance of ±2,5 % within their temperature range. Therefore, polypropylene film capacitors are suitable for applications in Class 1 frequency-determining circuits, filters, oscillator circuits, audio circuits, and timers. They are also useful for the compensation of inductive coils in precision filter applications, and for high-frequency applications.

In addition, PP film capacitors have the lowest dielectric absorption, which makes them suitable for applications such as VCO timing capacitors, sample-and-hold applications, and audio circuits. They are available for these precision applications in very narrow capacitance tolerances.

The dissipation factor of PP film capacitors is smaller than that of other film capacitors. Due to the low and very stable dissipation factor over a wide temperature and frequency range, even at very high frequencies, and their high dielectric strength of 650 V/µm, PP capacitors can be used for pulse applications.

PP film capacitors are widely used for EMI suppression, including direct connection to the power supply mains. In this latter application, they must meet special testing and certification requirements concerning safety and non-flammability.

PP film capacitors are also used for high-frequency high-power applications such as induction heating, and pulsed power energy discharge applications, and as AC capacitors for electrical distribution. 

The relatively low permittivity of 2.2 is a slight disadvantage, and PP film capacitors tend to be somewhat physically larger than other film caps.

The capacitor-grade films are produced up to 20 µm in thickness with a width of roll up to 140 mm. Rolls are carefully vacuum-packed in pairs according to the specifications required for the capacitor.

Block/Correction Capacitor 223J 100V 22NF Specification:

Item Shape



Polypropylene, Plastic

Maximum Voltage

100 volts

Operating Voltage

80 volts