68uH 330mA Inductors (10 Pack)

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68uH 330mA Inductors (10 Pack)

An inductor establishes a magnetic field when current passes through it. Most of the inductors are in the range of milli Henry (mH) or micro Henry (µH). These are available with air, ferrite, and iron cores. In today’s market, there are several inductors available from various manufacturers and their size varies from larger to smaller units.

Inductor values can be determined mainly in two ways, namely text coding, and color coding methods. Some inductors are larger, thus often their values are printed on their body (nameplate details).

However, for smaller inductors, abbreviation or text is used because there may not be enough room, for printing the actual value on it. Also, some inductor values can be determined by reading the color on the body of inductors by comparing them with a color coding chart.

  • Color Rings: The first two of these represent a two-digit significant number. The third band represents the multiplier. The inductance is calculated by multiplying the significant number by ten by the power of the value of the third band. The fourth band represents tolerance.
  • Small inductors having high Q and low distributed capacity. Excellent for use where space, weight, and size is a factor.
  • Axially leaded inductors with a 10% tolerance are suitable for a wide range of applications including decoupling, filtering, and RF blocking.
  • These fixed inductors are coated with epoxy resin ensuring humidity resistance for a long life. A fixed inductor uses multiple coils of a conducting material to store energy using a magnetic field.
  • Low current and low power are made in molded cases resembling resistors. These may be either plain (phenolic) core or ferrite core. An ohmmeter readily distinguishes them from similar-sized resistors by showing the low resistance of the inductor.


  • Inductance:68uH
  • Power:1/8W
  • Tolerance:10%
  • Maximum DC Current:2.52DC A (max)
  • Self-Resonant Frequency:6.5Hz/0.25V
  • Body Size:3x8mm