SN74LS32 quad-input OR gate
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Component Prototyping IC

Internal Reference: EC-054

SN7432 Quad-Input OR Gate.

The 74LS32 is a Dual Input OR Gate with a Quad package. It contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic OR function. Each gate has two inputs that's why it is named Quad 2-Input OR Gate. It has 12 input output pins for a total of four OR gates.

SN7432 Quad-Input OR Gate Specification:

  • Large operating voltage
  • Its operating conditions are wide
  • Maximum Current that output can draw: 8mA
  • It has TTL outputs
  • Its power consumption is low
  • Range of operating voltage: 4.75V to 5.5V
  • Maximum limit of voltage: 7V

SN7432 Quad-Input OR Gate Pin Description: 

  1. The first input of gate 1
  2. The second input of gate 1
  3. The output of gate 1
  4. The first input of gate 2
  5. The second input of gate 2
  6. The output of gate 2
  7. GND
  8. The output of gate 3
  9. The first input of gate 3
  10. The second input of gate 3
  11. The output of gate 4
  12. The first input of gate 4
  13. The second output of gate 4
  14. VCC