16MHz Oscillating Clock (5 Pack)

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Internal Reference: EC-014-16mhz-NN

16MHz Oscillating Clock

Crystal products are available in multiple package types and frequencies. Perfect crystal solutions, whether you are starting a new design with critical specifications or needing a reliable source for an existing application. Available in glass seal or seam seal packages with sizes as small as 1.6mm ´ 1.2mm.

Technical Specification and Datasheet:

High Q quartz resonators - 16Mhz

Fundamental and 3rd overtone crystal designs

Low-cost ceramic small package footprints – to 1.6mmx1.2mm size

Tight stability options: as low as ±10ppm, -30°C to +85°C operating temperature range

Real-Time clock reference @ 32.768kHz [tuning fork crystal design], TF-type models

Operating temperatures to -40°C to +150°C

Legacy metal packages available: HC-49/U, HC-49/US, HC-49/US-SM