Electrolytic Capacitors 35V - High-frequency

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Electronic Passives Component Capacitor

Internal Reference: EC-007-470uf

470uF 35V High-frequency Cap.

This 470uF 35V High-frequency Cap is perfect for projects that require a capacitor of this size and voltage. Capacitors are normally used to cancel out noise in audio projects. Capacitors can also be used in LED circuits where you require the LED to slowly discharge instead of just switching off.

Capacitors can store power for short periods of time the bigger the capacitance of the capacitor the more power it can store and the slower it should discharge. A capacitor is used as a filter in a circuit for a lot of different applications.

A capacitor can be seen as a short-term battery in a circuit that allows electrical components to slowly discharge instead of just switching off right away. Components that switch off(power down) too quickly can be damaged. 

Low ESR capacitors have fewer power losses and internal heating problems as compared to high ESR capacitors. Apart from lowering performance, high ESR values reduce the life of an electrolytic capacitor. In addition, a low ESR value allows a greater ripple current capacity to be achieved.

470UF 35V High-frequency Cap Specification:

  • Capacitance: 470uF 
  • Max Voltage: 35V
  • Type: Electrolytic