AC power meter – Voltage Current Power Energy Panel Meter
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Internal Reference: DL-051

Ac power meter

AC power meter Description:

A Voltmeter is an instrument that measures voltages of alternating electric current on a scale usually graduated in volts, or millivolts (0.001 volts). Many voltmeters are digital, giving readings as numerical displays.


In order to measure a device’s voltage, a voltmeter is connected in parallel to a device. This setup is important as objects in parallel usually tend to experience the same potential difference. It is connected in parallel with the circuit mainly because the same voltage drop occurs across it.


A voltmeter also has high internal resistance. This is done mainly because it is used in measuring the potential difference between the two points of the circuit. As such the current of the measuring device remains the same. In other words, the high resistance of the voltmeter will impede the flow of current through it. This allows the device to take correct readings of the voltage.

Features of Volt meter

LCD AC 80-260V 0-100A Digital Voltage Volt Current Meter Panel Power Energy
Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, Energy)
Overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, backlight flashing to alarm)
The reset function of the Energy key
Store data when off
Large-screen LCD display (display voltage, current, active power, and Energy at the same time)
Backlight function.

AC power meter – Voltage Current Power Energy Panel Meter

AC power meter specifications:

1. Power: test range: 0-22kW
Within 1kW, the display format is 0.0-999.9W;
Within 1kW-10kW, the display format is1000-9999W;
10kW and above, the display format is 0.1-22.0kW

2. Energy: test range: 0-9999kWh
Within 10kWh, the display format is 0-9999Wh
10kW and above, the display format is 10-9999kWh

3. Voltage: test range: 80-260V
Display format: 80-260V

4. Current: test range: 0-100A
Display format: 0.00-99.99A

Color: Black
Size: Approx. 90*50*25mm
Net Weight: 94g


Key Functions:

  • Backlight control: Short press the key to turn on or off the backlight, the backlight has a memory function, and it can store the on or off state when power is off.
  • Reset energy:
    • Step 1: Long press the key for 5 seconds until the number in the energy display window flashes, then release the key.
    • Step 2: Short press the key again, then the energy value is cleared, and exit the reset flashing state. If you don’t want to clear, then long press the key for 5 seconds again until the number doesn’t flash, which means the energy value is not cleared and will exit the reset state.
  • Set power alarm threshold:
    • Step1: Long press the key until the LCD screen display “SET CLR”, then release the key to enter the setting state
    • Step 2: The power window displays the current power alarm value and the last digit begins to flash, then you can short press to plus 1, when there is no operation over 3 seconds, it will switch the digit position automatically, the setting method is as same as the above.
    • Step3: After finishing, the setting, long press the key over 5 seconds will store automatically and exit, the range of active power threshold is 0.0--22.0kw


  • This module is suitable for indoor use only, please do not use outdoor
  • The applied load should not exceed the rated power
  • The wiring order can’t be wrong
  • It can't be used for an inverter.

See datasheet: powermeter_pdf