2.0 inch TFT LCD screen SPI interface

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Internal Reference: DL-038

2.0 inch TFT LCD screen SPI interface

This wonderful display is a great way to add a bright and colorful graphical interface to any project in a cost-effective and easy way. Since it uses an SPI interface and has its own Pixel buffer it can be used with almost any microcontroller even the smaller low-memory one.

On the back is an SD Card slot, which comes in very handy when working with LCD displays, it can be used to display bitmaps on the display, or even used for data logging, or both for that matter.

  1. Type: SPI TFT LCD Color Screen
    2. Size: 2.0 Inch
    3. 2.0 Inch SPI serial port
    4. Resolution: 176 * 220
    5. Driver IC: ILI9225
    6. Arduino support a variety of single-chip line, without any wiring
    7. Integrated regulator IC, support 5V or 3.3V power supply
    8. On-board level conversion scheme, compatible with 5V / 3.3V IO level,
    9. Support a variety of single-chip IO connection
    10. Integrated backlight control circuit, you can control the on-off or PWM dimming,
    11. Integrated SD card expansion circuit,
    12. Reserved SPI FLASH character library circuit to facilitate the expansion of applications

User Manual



Number Pin Label Description
1 VCC LCD Power positive (3.3V~5V)
2 GND LCD Power ground
3 GND LCD Power ground
4 NC Not defined, reserved
5 NC Not defined, reserved
6 NC Not defined, reserved
7 CLK LCD SPI bus clock signal
8 SDA LCD SPI bus write data signal
9 RS

LCD register / data selection signal,

high level: register, low level: data

10 RST LCD reset signal, low level reset
11 CS LCD chip select signal, low level enable