LCD Display for EGS002 Pure Sinewave Inverter
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Internal Reference: DL-026

LCD Display for EGS002 Pure Sinewave Inverter

This LCD displays the values of the EGS002 Pure Sinewave Inverter Controller, as an extra bonus, it is Plug and Play compatible. The display will show you the voltage, current, frequency as well as temperature.

EGS002 is a driver board specific for single-phase sinusoid inverters. It uses ASIC EG8010 as the control chip and IR2110S as the driver chip. The driver board integrates functions of voltage, current, and temperature protection, LED warning indication, and fan control. Jumper configures 50/60Hz AC output, soft start mode, and dead time. EGS002 is an improved version of EGS001 that is compatible with EGS001’s original interfaces. EGS002 also integrates cross-conduction prevention logic to enhance its ability to anti-interference, and LCD display interface for users’ convenience to use the chip’s built-in display function. EG8010 is a digital pure sine wave inverter ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with the complete function of built-in dead time control. It applies to DC-DC-AC two-stage power converter system or DC-AC single-stage low power frequency transformer system for boosting. EG8010 can achieve a 50/60Hz pure sine wave with high accuracy, low harmonics, and distortion by an external 12MHz crystal oscillator. EG8010 is a CMOS IC that integrates an SPWM sinusoid generator, dead-time control circuit, range divider, soft start circuit, circuit protection, RS232 serial communication, 12832 serial LCD unit, etc.



DC/AC Inverters, Inverter Driver

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20cm x 10cm x 3cm



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EGS002 EG8010 IR2110 Display