I2C 20X4 LCD Display Module

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Internal Reference: DL-004

2C 20X4 LCD Display Module.

This I2C 20X4 LCD Display Module is a small rectangular screen capable of displaying up to 20 characters and 4 lines in alphanumerical characters – with space for up to 8 extra characters or symbols or “Foreign characters” of your choice as well. It can be controlled via 6 digital or analog inputs and can be operated from either a 4-bit or an 8-bit microprocessor, making it ideal for small projects which require their own Independent Visual Interfaces.

Having 4 lines with 20 characters each allow for much more data to be displayed compared to the normal 2-line 16 characters units also available on our site. This unit has a Green background with Black characters to easily read the data on the screen.

I2C 2004 LCD screen

I2C 20X4 LCD Display Module Specification:

  • Operating Voltage

– 4-5V DC                                                                  

  • Controller

– HD44780

  • MPU Interface

– 4-bit and 8-bit

  • Display RAM Capacity

– 80 x 8-bit Characters

  • Number of Lines

– 4

  • Number of Characters

– 20 Per Line


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