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Component Electronic Passives Diode

Internal Reference: DEV-029


ESP32 Super Mini Wireless Development Board 3.3-6V Power Supply Low Power
This development board features a powerful ESP32 chip, equipped with a dual-core processor, high-speed Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-Compatible connectivity. It meets the demands of complex applications in a small footprint.

The ESP32 Super Mini development board supports popular programming tools such as Arduino IDE, Micro Python, and ESP-IDF. This makes it convenient for developers to quickly prototype designs and develop applications.

Technical specifications:

Pin number  Functionality
0 analog in, IO
1 analog in, IO
2 analig in, boot, IO
3 analog in, IO
4 analog in, debug, IO
5 debug, IO
6 i2c SDA, debug, IO
7 i2c SCL debug, IO
8 LED pin, boot, IO
9 $services.buttonBOOT[0] pin, boot, io
10 IO
20 bootUART, IO
21 log.pinTX, bootUart, IO

Pin layout

ESP32-C3 Development Board pin layout

Schematic layout

ESP32-C3 Development Board schematic