AVR ATmega16 Minimum System Development module

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Component Electronic Passives Resistor Resistors

Internal Reference: DEV-013

The AVR ATmega16 Minimum System Development Module is perfect when you have to program a lot of chips. It eliminates the need to struggle with getting the chip in or out of a standard socket. It is also great to use permanently, because of the lack of external components eating away at battery life. It includes an 8Mhz crystal in a socket which you can pull out and replace with a 16Mhz crystal if you wish to run it at 16Mhz.

AVR ATmega16 Minimum System Development Module Specs:

  • 32 total I/O pins available.
  • The classic minimum system eliminates the hassle of soldering.
  • Easily interchange crystal values by pulling out and plugging in a new one. (supplied with 8Mhz Crystal).
  • Support chips ATmega16/ATmega32.
  • DC power socket available(not regulated)
  • 4 sets of power input or output pins are available.
  • Onboard reset button.
  • Power LED (D1) and a programmable LED (D2).
  • A standard ISP download interface


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