ESP32 development board with WiFi and Bluetooth
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Internal Reference: DEV-004

ESP32 development board.

This ESP32 development board uses the ESP Wroom microcontroller board that features a dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on one chip. The board itself makes it easy to do microcontroller-based projects. The Wroom board. It includes a USB plug and microchip to upload your sketches.

The ESP32 development board with WiFi and Bluetooth also includes voltage regulators and voltage pinouts.

To compare with Arduino boards, look at our ESP32 vs Arduino blog post. There is a lot of additional information about these microcontrollers. in the post

The ESP32 is a perfect choice to start integrating your hardware into a network-based system where you need cloud-based access to your sensor's data through the ESP networking capability. With short-range Bluetooth capability, you can develop an app for short-range interfacing with your ESP32.

With the ESP32, you can create your network server to store all your sensor data. The ESP32, as mentioned above, has a Dual core processor that will allow you to run more than one sketch at a time by uploading it to each of the processors. This will be great for when you need to run more than one program at a time (Multi-tasking).

ESP32 development board Technical Specification:

  • Single or Dual-Core 32-bit LX6 Microprocessor with clock frequency up to 240 MHz.
  • 520 KB of SRAM, 448 KB of ROM and 16 KB of RTC SRAM.
  • Supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity with speeds up to 150 Mbps.
  • Support for both Classic Bluetooth v4.2 and BLE specifications.
  • 34 Programmable GPIOs.
  • Up to 18 channels of 12-bit SAR ADC and 2 channels of 8-bit DAC
  • Serial Connectivity includes 4 x SPI, 2 x I2C, 2 x I2S, 3 x UART.
  • Ethernet MAC for physical LAN Communication (requires external PHY).
  • 1 Host controller for SD/SDIO/MMC and 1 Slave controller for SDIO/SPI.
  • Motor PWM and up to 16 channels of LED PWM.
  • Secure Boot and Flash Encryption.
  • Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration for AES, Hash (SHA-2), RSA, ECC and RNG.
  • Operating temperature -40 + 85C
  • Operating voltate: 2.2-3.6V
  • Consumption: 80 mA typ
  • Dimensions: 18 mm(L) x 25.5 mm(W) x 2.8 mm(H)
  • Pin pitch:1.27mm
  • Shielding can height: 2 mm
  • PCB thickness: 0.8±0.1mm

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