BC558 PNP Transistor

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Electronic Passives Component Capacitor

Internal Reference: Comp-057

BC558 PNP Transistor

BC558 transistor is a BJT in a TO-92 package used for switching and amplification purposes. It is from the family of PNP transistors. 

For a better outcome with the BC558 transistor, ensure you don’t use a drive load that exceeds 30V. Then, check and apply a suitable base resistor.

  • PNP type transistor
  • The available package is TO-92
  • Voltage from collector to the emitter (Vce) is 30 V
  • Storage temperature (Tstg) is 150 C
  • Voltage from collector to base (Vcb) is 30 V
  • Dissipation of power (Ptot) is 500 mW
  • Voltage from emitter to base (Veb) is 5V
  • Collector peak current (Icm) is 200mA
  • Collector current (Ic) is 100mA
  • Max DC gain or hFE is 800
  • Transition frequency or fT is 100 MHz
  • Collector current max is -100mA
  • Peak base current or IB is 200mA
  • Peak collector current or IC is 200mA
  • Nonstop collector current or IC is 100mA
  • Operating & storage temperature ranges from -65 to +150 C

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