AXi 4120/22 Gold Line Brushless Motor with 60A Controller
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Internal Reference: ACT-053

AXi 4120/22 Gold Line Brushless Motor with 60A Controller

The unique design of this motor gives extremely high torque levels to turn large-diameter and high-pitch propellers with a high level of efficiency.

This brushless motor with neodymium magnets and a rotating case is manufactured using the latest technology from the finest quality materials. The hardened steel shaft supported by three ball bearings, and overall robust yet lightweight construction, ensure long service life.

AXi 4120/22 Wave Motor with Controller Specification:

No. of cells 5-6s Li-Poly
Max. efficiency 87%
Max. efficiency current 13 - 37 A (>82%)
No load current 1.5 A
Current capacity 52 A/60 s
Internal Resistance 82 ohm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 49,8x55,5 mm
Shaft diameter 6 mm
Weight 320 g


Gold line brushless motor weigh of model Li-pol cells max current ESC Gold line brushless motor Golden line brushless motor propeller
Gold line brushless motors trainer 4 000 141,1 5s 52A/60s 40A Opto 15"x8"
Gold line brushless motor aerobatic 3 300 116,4 5s 52A/60s 70A Opto 15"x10"
Gold line brushless motor 3D 3 200 112,9 5s 52A/60s 70A Opto 16"x8"
Gold line brushless motor 3D 3 500 123,5 6s 52A/60s 77A 15"x8"
diagram sailplane 5 000 176,4 5s 52A/60s 70A Opto 17"x8"
Glow engine conversion 7,5 - 9 ccm / .46-.54 -2stroke .65-.75 - 4stroke