50G 140psi Grand Forest Booster Pump

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Internal Reference: ACT-052

50G Grand Forest Booster Pump

Driven by a 24V DC motor in front of the motor is a valve assembly. Each valve chamber has a diaphragm behind it in the lower pump housing.

As the motor shaft turns, an internal cam positioned behind the diaphragms causes the diaphragms to be pushed forward, then back in a continuous sequence creating a suction.

As suction builds, fluid is pulled through the inlet, through the various valve chamber check valves to the outlet. The volume of flow is determined by several factors including the number and size of the pump chambers, cam offset, operating pressure, and fluid viscosity.

Booster Pump Specs:
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Current at 80psi: <0.75A
  • Flow at 80psi: >0.55LPM
  • Open Flow: 1LPM
  • Inlet Pressure: 29psi
  • Outlet Pressure: 120 - 140psi
Application of DP series pump
  • Agriculture/Yacht / RV/Caravan pressurized water system
  • Sprayer fixture (Vehicle-mounted sprayer, electric sprayer)
  • Cleaning machine, Humidifier, Water purification, medical apparatus
  • Food beverage filling & liquid transfer
  • Any other pressurization system
Features Of DP series water pumps
  • Long life, no leak, quiet operation
  • Positive displacement pump
  • Can run dry Industry-standard mount pattern.
  • Built thermal protector.
  • Self-priming, fully automatic, easy installation
  • Special valve for liquid input and output
  • Numerous fittings options for greater mounting flexibility
  • High-pressure diaphragm pump
  • Small size, Lightweight, and Stable performance
  • Special EPDM valve for liquid input and output
  • Antivibration pad, easy installation with stable function
  • Self-priming, Automatic Pressure Switch
  • Automatic Pressure Protection
  • Low Noise, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion
Functions of diaphragm water pump
  • High flow rate and low-pressure requirements
  • Automatic electric water pump, working rate 1.8-2.5meters, max flow rate more than 5 meters.
  • Water purification, filter machine, chemical metering, and fluid supply
  • Food, Beverage filling, and transfer. Controlled by the pressure switch.
Pump care:
  • Do not run a pump for more than 4 hours continuously. This is to stop the pump from overheating and becoming damaged.
  • To achieve this, we would suggest installing a timer like this one. For instance, after 3 hours of operation, the pump has a 15–30-minute break. This will enable the pump to cool down.
  • Do not allow the pump to run dry (without an active water source) as this will damage the pump.
  • The only time that we will suggest running the pump without an active water supply is if you have a low-pressure switch wired into the pump. As a result, this will automatically switch the pump off when the incoming water flow is turned off.