Micro Metal Gear motor 50 to 1 12V 500rpm

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Internal Reference: ACT-044

Micro Metal Gear motor 50 to 1 12V 500rpm.

The problem with 6V units for robots is that they run to fast, this unit has a reducing metal gearbox that will slow it down to 100 rpm. This makes it a great low speed, low current and high torque motor.  It will drive any robot base with ease. You will find it very useful in other applications that require a low turning speed.

Micro Metal Gear motor 50:1 - 12V 500rpm Specifications:

  • Size 23 x 12 x 10mm
  • Voltage 12VDC ( should comfortably operate in the 9 – 13 V range)
  • 500 rpm
  • 3mm Shaft
  • 50:1 gearbox
  • At 12 V 250 RPM 40 mA free-run
  • 7 oz-in (0.5 kg-cm) .36A stall current