N20 Metal Gear Motor 3 - 12V(425 - 1750RPM)

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Internal Reference: ACT-027

N20 Metal Gear Motor 3-12V

A small geared motor means a small dc motor equipped with a proper ratio gearbox. Essentially, it is a device that increases the force of a DC(direct current) motor and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. While increasing the power, the speed is also reduced according to the reduction ratio. That is the meaning of ” Low Speed, High Torque.” Small geared motors are also called gear reducer for it is a combination of motor and reducer.

N20 Metal Gear Motor 3-12V Specification:

  • Stall Current: 500mA
  • Shaft Dimension: 5mm

When we apply a voltage to the motor we can adjust the speed proportionally. There are certain tolerances when we adjust the voltage as each motor is winded a bit different, but these are the tested values you could expect when applying a certain voltage to the motor. 



3V :  ± 425 rpm
6V :  ± 880 rpm
9V :  ± 1300 rpm
12V :  ± 1750 rpm