Synchronous Motor 5-6RPM 220VAC
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Module Prototyping CPU ESP MCU

Internal Reference: ACT-019

Mainly a synchronous motor is used for electric fan ventilation mechanism, heater, all kinds of display shelves, handicrafts, lamps, lighting, toys and other equipment, air conditioning motor and rotary motor of microwave ovens, etc.


This product is made up of permanent magnet synchronous motor and reduction gears. Low consumption, large torque, low noise, small size, lightweight, and easy to use. When used on the rated frequency, the motor speed is not affected by voltage. The motor coil will not be burned if overloaded or blocked. A synchronous motor of CW(clockwise), CCW counterclockwise, and CW/CCW will automatically reverse when there is a big resistance.

We also have the Synchronous Motor 5-6RPM 12VAC.

Synchronous Motor Specs:

Size: 50x40x20mm/1.97x1.57x0.79"(DiaxLxT)
Weight: 87g
Color: silver
Shaft Diameter: 7mm
Shaft Length: 10mm
Working Voltage: AC 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 4W
Speed: 5-6r/Min
Torque: ≈ 4kg