Male Terminal Pin (10 Pack)
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Internal Reference: ACC-237-N

Male Terminal Pin

Looking for a solder-free solution to terminate cables? This male crimp terminal from Molex is designed for EconoLatch wire-to-wire interconnects and enables you to establish quick and simple connections. It forms an air-tight, corrosion-resistant connection that will last a long time for more reliable performance. As it accepts wire sizes across a range of 18 to 16AWG (American Wire Gauge), this terminal is a versatile choice for use in your industrial and commercial applications.

• Tin-plated terminal provides excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance to ensure the uninterrupted transmission of power and data signals
• No need for crimping or soldering tools, saving time and effort during installation
• Accommodates high voltages of up to 400V for heavy-duty use


• Household appliances
• Networking systems

Male Terminal Pin Specification

  • Manufacturer: DEUTSCH
  • Type of connector: wire-wire
  • Connector: Contact
  • Contact size: 20
  • Kind of connector: male
  • Connector series: DRB, HD30, HDP20, DRC, DTM, STRIKE
  • Contact plating: nickel plated
  • Electrical mounting: crimped
  • Mechanical mounting: for cable
  • Dedicated tool: DTT-20-00
  • Connector variant: stamped and formed contacts
  • Wire cross-section: 0.35-1.5mm²

How do I ensure a good crimp between wires?

To ensure a good crimp, be sure to choose a terminal that fits the wire gauge properly. You should also use a reliable crimping tool and heat shrink when possible to ensure your crimp is protected against moisture and contaminants without the need to solder.

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