HLK-2M05 ac-dc 220v to 5v

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Internal Reference: ACC-203

HLK-2M05 AC-DC 220V to 5V

If you are looking for a simple solution to power a 5V circuit directly from 22V AC, this module is your solution. It has a built-in step-down transformer and bridge rectifier to step 22V AC down to 5 and then convert the AC to DC. This is ideal to use on modules that require 5V, but does not require a lot of current to operate.

How to set it up:

Setting up this module is extremely simple. You simply connect the 220V AC to the two AC pins on the bottom of the module, and then use the positive and negative pins as the 5V output.

Technical Specifications:

Output Voltage 5V
Output Current (Max) 0.4A
Input Voltage(AC) 90VAC~265VAC
Insulated Voltage 3kV@AC
Input Voltage(DC) 120V~350V
Isolated Or Voltage Regulation Isolated Regulated
Output Power 2W
Output Channel 1
Function Step Down
Conversion Type AC-DC
Conversion Efficiency 69%
Feature Overcurrent Protection;Short-Circuit Protection
Typical application circuit for HLK module
HLK-2m05 Size


Here is the datasheet for the HLK-2M05