Wifi Antenna 2.4GHz 8dB RP-SMA-Female

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Internal Reference: ACC-141

Antennas are essential components of WLANs, allowing users to access the internet, stream movies, work from home, and play online games. These antennas also influence signal strength and coverage. Wireless communication is enabled by the transmission and reception of radio-frequency (RF) signals, which are electromagnetic waves containing data packets. Devices such as routers, phones, laptops, tablets, and hotspots have antennas that receive and transmit these signals, respectively. EM waves are converted to electrical signals for processing and vice versa.

  • IPEX4 to SMA (30CM) + 8DB antenna + full height baffle
  • Model 2.4 / 5.8G
  • Frequency range-MHZ 2400-2500 4950-5850
  • Bandwidth-MHZ 100 1100
  • Gain-dBi 5/8
  • Standing wave ratio ≦ 2.0
  • Input impedance -Ω 50
  • Polarization method: vertical
  • Maximum power-W 50
  • Connector Model RP-SMA Female Thread
  • IPEX4 generation interface extension cable: about 300mm long