5mm -9mm Red Aluminum Alloy Coupling

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ElectroMechanical Mech Motor

Internal Reference: ACC-111

5-9 D14L25 Red Aluminum Alloy Coupling

These shaft couplers are widely utilized in various applications like blowers, 3D printers, DIY robots, CNC machines, and stepper motors. They function similarly to rigid clamp couplings, securely holding bearings and sprockets on the shaft. They are commonly used in motor and gearbox assemblies.

Featuring a top tight design with 2/4 screws, these rigid couplings effectively secure the shaft, providing high torque, rigidity, low inertia, and exceptional sensitivity. It's important to note that the rigid type does not allow eccentricity and requires proper adjustment during use.

The single piece set screw clamp design simplifies the setup process, allowing for easy installation of items on the shaft while providing control over the coupling's holding capacity.
Connection Bore Diameter: 5mm to 9mm, Total Length: 25mm, Outside Diameter: 14mm with M4 Grub Screws.


Diameter: 14mm
Length: 25mm
Top thread: Use 4 M4 screws to fix the screw holes on the side
Material: Aluminum alloy (red oxidation treatment)
Model: 4-8 means that one end is connected to a 4mm shaft and the other end is connected to an 8mm shaft