CubeCell Lora Node ASR6502 Accessories
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Component Connector

Internal Reference: ACC-080

CubeCell (TM) is a new product series made by the Heltec team, mainly for LoRa/LoRaWAN node applications. CubeCell (TM) series is based on ASR605x (ASR6501, ASR6502), those chips are already integrated with the PSoC® 4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ Core) and SX1262.

1/2 AA battery shell, use 1/2 AA Lithium chlorine sulfite battery (this battery can't charge, but onboard USB / battery power automatic switching allows connect USB when the battery is assembled).

The CubeCell (TM) has a Micro USB interface with complete ESD protection, short circuit protection, RF shielding, and other protection measures. Integrated CP2102 USB to serial port chip, convenient for program downloading, and debugging information printing. Good impendence matching and long communication distance.

Technical Parameters

  • MCU: ASR6502 (48 MHz ARM® Cortex® M0+ MCU, 128KB FLASH, 16KB SRAM )
  • LoRa Chip:ASR6502 (Internal assembled Semtech® LoRa® Transceiver SX1262)
  • LoRa working band:EU_433, CN_470_510, EU_863_870, US_902_928
  • LoRa maximum output power:22 ± 1dB

Hardware resources:

  • UART x 2; SPI x 1; I2C x 1; SWD x 1; ADCx 3; COMP x 1;
  • 12 – bits ADC; 8 – channel DMA engine;
  • 14 x GPIO;
  • FLASH:128KB internal FLASH
  • Interface:Micro USB x 1; LoRa (SMA) x 1
  • Size:56.6 x 24 x 20 mm
  • USB-UART bridge: CP2102
  • Battery Type:3.7V Lithium (SH1.25 x 2 socket)
  • Battery detection circuit:√
  • External device power control(Vext):√
  • Low power design: Deep Sleep 3.5uA


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