Positive Acting Pre-sensitized PCB

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This product is no longer available.

Internal Reference: ACC-048

Positive Acting Pre-sensitized PCB

The easiest way to make your own PC boards. This PCB is ideal for prototyping your own design as well as as a final product, it already has a photopositive film sprayed over it so that you can easily create your own boards. It is easy to use and it works great for thin tracks too. You can use a positive spray to create your own boards but because it is done in a specially designed factory process the film is done smoothly and at a very even thickness. This is important because an even layer gives you a much better result.

Here is a nice tutorial video by TechBuilder we found that shows you an easy way to use them:

Positive Acting Pre-sensitized PCB Specs:


100mm x 150mm x 1.6 mm.


Paper Phenolic PP, 1 oz copper, Single Side.

Preparation time

6-10 minutes exposure time( 5cm, 20W Fluorescent Lamp ), 60-90 seconds( Kinsten exposure unit) and even faster with UV light.