High Temperature Wire Sleeve 6mm

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Internal Reference: ACC-037-6mm-N

High Temperature Wire Sleeve 6mm

This insulation tube is made of fiberglass made into pipes, with good electrical insulation, high tensile strength, and high-temperature resistance.


This heat sleeve fiberglass is for high-temperature applications;
The heat shield tubing is mainly applied to insulate and heat equipment, such as motor, engine, plug wire, fuel lines, etc.


Electrical wires should never be hot. Should increase the gauge of wire if you are exceeding the recommended load of that wire.
This product would make the wire get hotter by not letting it cool and might melt the insulation on the said wire.


Main Color: White
Material: Fiberglass
Length: 1 Meter
Withstand  Temp Range: 125℃
Withstand Voltage: 1500V