Digital Capacitive Switch 16 Channel TTP229 - Keypad
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Accessory Motor Mech ElectroMechanical

Internal Reference: ACC-020

Digital Capacitive Switch 16 Channel TTP229

Capacitive Switch 16 Channel description.

  • The TTP229 is capacitive sensing design specifically for touch pad controls.
  • The device has a built in regulator for the touch sensor.
  • Stable sensing method can cover diversity conditions. Interface control panel links through non-conductive dielectric material.
  • The main application is focused at replacing of the mechanical switch or button. This board can independently handle the 16 touch pads with 16 direct output pins.

Technical Specification:

Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V

Stand-by current At 3V, 2.5uA

On-Board Power Indicator LED

Operates: In 8 Or 16 Channel Mode

Output Can Configure Be Active High Or Low

Output Mode Can Be Configured To Toggle Or Momentary

0.5 Second Startup Calibration Delay

Configurable Output Mode

8 Key or 16 key modes

Separate outputs to 8 keys in 8 key mode

PCB Size At 49.3 x 64.5mm

Pin Out:

VCC (2.4 - 5.5V)


SCL (serial clock in)

SDO (serial data out)

OUT 1 (key 1 state)

OUT 2 (key 2 state)

OUT 3 (key 3 state)

OUT 4 (key 4 state)

OUT 5 (key 5 state)

OUT 6 (key 6 state)

OUT 7 (key 7 state)

OUT 8 (key 8 state)