2x AAA Battery Holder - For Micro:Bit

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Internal Reference: ACC-008-microbit-N

2x AAA Battery Holder for Micro:Bit

The primary function of the 2x AAA Battery Holder with Case and Switch is to keep cells fixed in place safely and securely while conveying power from the batteries to the device in question. External connections on battery holders are most often made by contacts either with pins, surface mount feet, soldered lugs, or via a set of wire leads. 


As micro: bit is gaining traction in this region, powering it is a must :)

If you are new to the Micro: bit, it is a powerful embedded platform or microcontroller board with easy-to-get-started features, even easier than Arduino. It can be powered by USB micro B when loading the program, or you can use 2 x AAA batteries. So here comes the battery holder for this microcontroller.

Technical Specifications

Purpose: for micro: bit from the BBC
Type: battery basket
Number of cells: 2
Cell type: AAA
Conductor: 150mm solid wire, UL1007 AWG26, black and red
Cable outlet: JST plug
Additional element: manual on / off switch
Basket color: Black
Material: ABS resin