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  • arduino uno r3

    Arduino Uno R3 development board

    R148.35 inc VAT 460 in stock
  • RF 433MHZ Transmitter Module ZF-3

    RF 433MHZ Transmitter Module ZF-3

    R18.23 inc VAT 1 in stock
  • RF 433MHZ Receiver Module ZR4Sold Out

    RF 433MHZ Receiver Module ZR4

    R30.38 inc VAT
  • ldrSold Out

    Photoresistor (LDR) 4-7kOhm 5mm Diameter (10 Pack)

    R28.75 inc VAT
  • rfid rc522Sold Out

    NFC RC522 Module for Arduino

    R38.12 inc VAT
  • NE555N One Bipolar 555 Timer

    R5.44 inc VAT 71 in stock
  • Sale! 6v dc motor

    3v – 6V DC Motor Brush

    R28.39 R21.85 inc VAT 187 in stock
  • LCD Shield with keypad for Arduino

    R171.06 inc VAT 59 in stock
  • Infrared motion sensor module

    Infrared motion sensor module

    R35.64 inc VAT 54 in stock
  • ir remote controller kit

    IR Kit For Arduino

    R74.75 inc VAT 39 in stock
  • lcd display

    IIC/I2C 1602 Serial Blue Backlight LCD Display

    R119.73 inc VAT 27 in stock
  • ultrasonic

    HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

    R40.11 inc VAT 193 in stock