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  • WTV020-SD Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module

    R79.51 inc VAT 10 in stock
  • 3.3V 5V TXS0108E 8 Channel Logic Level Converter

    R29.56 inc VAT 44 in stock
  • 5V700mA power supply module 220V AC to 5V DC

    R51.11 inc VAT 18 in stock
  • 12V power supply

    12v 5A DC Power Supply

    R217.07 inc VAT 5 in stock
  • Sale! 12V power supply

    12v 2A DC Power Supply

    R96.54 R82.80 inc VAT 16 in stock
  • AVR Programmer ISP Download USB ASP Downloader

    AVR Programmer ISP Download USB ASP Downloader

    R50.96 inc VAT 20 in stock
  • Sale! Arduino standard kit

    Arduino Standard Kit includes free online training

    R980.89 R828.00 inc VAT 9 in stock
  • Capacitive Touch sensor module

    R20.86 inc VAT 95 in stock
  • Sound module

    R21.22 inc VAT 27 in stock
  • SD Card Module

    R52.79 inc VAT 42 in stock
  • Relay Shield for Arduino

    R215.80 inc VAT 14 in stock
  • Sold Out

    Real Time Clock (DS1302) Module without Battery

    R67.95 inc VAT