Titan Extruder for 3D printer

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Titan Extruder for 3D printer

The Titan is the next-generation extruder for your 3D printer.


Titan brings high-performance and lightweight universal extrusion to all 3D printing enthusiasts with the benefits of geared extrusion in a lightweight, punchy little package.




With 3:1 gear reduction, precision milled hobbed gearing and E3D engineering. The Titan has been developed to push with incredible power while being incredibly light and compact.

The gear ratio means you can use lighter motors as you will need less torque for the same filament pushing force - so direct drive systems have a lighter moving carriage, and Bowden-style printers become powerful, reliable little beasts when combined with your Tronxy Hotend Assembly.


Titan fits perfectly into E3D's modular ecosystem. Titan works for all configurations of Bowden, direct extrusion, 1.75mm and 3mm. When switching filament diameters, only the filament guide needs to be changed. Both versions are supplied with every Titan. To use Titan as a Bowden extruder, you insert a Bowden adaptor into the body instead of a hot-end. Bowden adaptors for 3mm or 1.75mm are a low-cost option.




A fully guided filament path from extruder to print means your filament is carefully guided at every step, ensuring a smooth journey to the melt zone. The guide constrains filament throughout the extruder, leaving no gaps and no opportunity for buckling of flexible filaments.

The CNC machined individually cut filament drive teeth allow the grip of the slipperiest Nylons.

A combination of grip and torque allows the extrusion of even the most viscous materials like metal-filled and carbon-reinforced filaments.

1.75mm or 3mm filament: Titan is compatible with either diameter of the 3D printing filament and quickly swaps between the two.

The extruder has ample force for even the toughest, gnarliest materials out there, which would cause lesser extruders to skip, grind or buckle.




Titan works for all configurations of Bowden, direct extrusion, 1.75mm and 3mm. To switch between filament diameters, only the filament guide must be swapped.