Stepper Motor For Tronxy Printer
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Part ElectroMechanical Motor Stepper

Internal Reference: 3DA-011

Stepper Motors are lovely little gadgets, each offering a distinct profile of strengths in terms of torque, speeds, rotational accuracy and a few other defining factors. Unfortunately, while it certainly makes them small marvels of modern engineering, you can’t simply replace a stepper motor with any different model, as you need to try to match the previous stepper motor as closely as possible to enjoy the same effects.

 Tech Specs:

Model Number: SL42STH40-1684A-23

Step Angle: 1.8deg

Motor Length: 40mm

Inductance accuracy: +-20%

Resistance accuracy: +-10%

Step angle accuracy: +-5%(full step,not load)

Temperature rise: 80deg Max(rated current,2 phase on)

Ambient temperature: -20℃~+50℃

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min,500V DC

Insulation strength: 500V AC for one minute