20T 5MM Pulley for 6mm belt

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Internal Reference: 3DA-002

20T 5MM Pulley for 6mm belt

This compact component is a T2.5 20 Tooth Pulley with a 5mm Bore designed for 6mm wide Belts with 2.5mm pitches. It effortlessly converts rotational force into precise linear movement when paired with a toothed belt. Its widespread usage spans across various applications, including 3D Printers and CNC machines that necessitate the movement of an extruder, cutting tool, or drill along a linear axis.

It effortlessly connects with motor shafts, specifically NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, ensuring a seamless interface for optimal performance. firmly anchored by grub screws. The secure grip provided ensures long-term stability without slipping or loosening over time. This impeccable design guarantees consistent precision from stepper motors, directly translating into superior outcomes for 3D Printing, CNC machining, and any other application that harnesses the capabilities of these pulleys and belts.



Tooth Profile: T2.5

Belt Compatibility: T2.5 6mm

No. of Teeth: 20

Pitch of Profile: 2.5mm

Material: Aluminium

Bore: 5mm

Grub Screw: 2 x M3