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Hi I'm looking at your non contact level sensor I would like to know what liquids can it detect?



The Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor is designed to detect the presence of liquids without physical contact. Let’s explore its compatibility with different types of liquids:

  1. Water: The sensor works well with water-based liquids. It can detect water levels in tanks, reservoirs, or other containers.
  2. Oil: It is also suitable for detecting oil levels. Whether it’s engine oil, hydraulic oil, or cooking oil, the sensor can sense their presence.
  3. Chemicals: The sensor can handle various chemicals, including mild acids and bases. However, for highly corrosive or aggressive chemicals, it’s essential to check the sensor’s material compatibility.
  4. Non-Conductive Liquids: The sensor can detect non-conductive liquids like alcohol, gasoline, and liquid detergents.
  5. Non-Transparent Liquids: Unlike optical sensors, this non-contact sensor can work with opaque or non-transparent liquids.