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What can I use to control my "spitbraai" the motor looks like a wiper motor with gearbox.
If possible would like to run it FF and REV with speed control.



This would be the one I go for  40A DC Motor Speed Controller PWM (

The 40A DC Motor Speed Controller is a powerful device designed to regulate the speed of direct current (DC) motors. Let’s explore its features and capabilities:

  1. Wide Voltage Range:
    • The controller operates within a voltage range of 9V to 50V.
    • It can handle a maximum current of 40A and deliver a maximum power output of 2000W for motor speed control.
  2. PWM Modulation:
    • The controller utilizes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to adjust the motor speed.
    • By varying the duty cycle of the PWM signal, it achieves smooth and precise speed control.
    • You can set the motor speed anywhere from 5% to 100% using this method.
  3. Efficiency and Low Noise:
    • The design incorporates high-quality components:
      • Field-effect transistors (FETs) for efficient switching.
      • Drive IC for reliable performance.
      • 70μm copper sheet PCB for optimal PWM wave output.
    • The result is stable operation with minimal noise.
  4. Application:
    • Use this controller for various purposes:
      • Motor Speed Control: Adjust the speed of DC motors in robotics, automation, or DIY projects.
      • HHO Systems: It’s also suitable for controlling hydrogen generators (HHO cells).
  5. Compact and Protective Design:
    • The controller comes with a protective housing made from ABS plastic.
    • Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into your setup.

Whether you’re building a robot, upgrading a fan, or fine-tuning any DC motor application, this 40A PWM motor speed controller provides the flexibility and power you need!