Live-streamed Arduino KickStart Workshop


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Live-streamed Arduino KickStart Workshop

Arduino Kick Start WorkShop Live Streamed

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Now is your chance to get going with Arduino microcontroller training in the comfort of your own home.  We will send your kit to you in advance, so you have it ready for the event. 

This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills to get your Arduino projects off the ground. We'll cover various topics, from basic hardware setup and configuration to utilizing sensors, actuators, and communication protocols. You will build 5 different projects in this Arduino workshop. You'll be well on your way to creating amazing projects after this one-day hands-on session! 

Creating electronic projects like home automation and building robots has become within the grasp of anybody and not just highly educated electronic guys. From as young as 13 years, you can build the most impressive systems for yourself or profit. Our young generation, hobbyists and entrepreneurs can now do what could only be done by very experienced engineers not so long ago. 

But… you need to start somewhere, right? Get a solid foundation and a “kick-start” in modern electronics. This course is not about a lot of theory, we do cover that as well, but it is hands-on. We will build stuff, and you will understand how all this works so you can duplicate what you learned and improve on what you learned. 

  • Would you like to dive into the amazing world of microcontrollers but do not know where to start?
  • Do you prefer personal training from field experts and bombard them with questions you will otherwise not get answered?
  • Would you prefer to learn and get up and running in the quickest possible time and simultaneously build some projects all in one day?

What will you learn?

We will cover some theories on Arduino by dissecting the whole board, explaining what each component does and what you can do with a microcontroller. We keep it short to get into building stuff. That is the best way to learn!

We will cover the seven crucial microcontroller principles and then practice them hands-on.


The software

You will be able to install, understand and use the software. For newcomers, this can look daunting, but we will get you to get the hang of it quickly. It’s easy….. once you know how. We made it even easier for people who don't want to learn coding, but still wants to use Arduino : We have added drag-and-drop programming to our course which will be explained alongside the C++ making it even easier ! 

Uploading your instructions

Arduino will obey all your instructions. We will teach you how to upload these instructions to the microcontroller and the common pitfalls you can run into so you don’t have to try figuring this out for hours.

Turning things on and off

We will turn an LED on and off. If you know how to turn an LED on or off, you will also know how to turn a relay on or off that, in turn, will switch lights, etc. You will learn how to turn anything on or off with your Arduino. How convenient it can switch stuff on and off so you don't have to!

Development and electronics

When we work with electronic components, you need to know how to use a breadboard, jumpers, etc. We will teach you that and how to use basic components like LEDs and resistors. You will be able to quickly assemble electronics without having to use a soldering iron.

Reading values from sensors

A microcontroller like Arduino can read values from almost anything, including light, temperature, and many other components and sensors. We will teach you how to do that. At this stage, you will already have enough training to use a sensor like a light sensor to switch lights on and off. We will use a potentiometer to mimic any analog sensor.

Reading stuff from your Arduino on your PC screen

We will teach you how to read messages, sensor values like temperatures from your Arduino on your PC screen. This is important to do but extremely easy. You will always know what your Arduino and sensors are up to.

It’s also an ideal opportunity to get your Arduino questions answered. Hope we will see you on this upcoming course. It will save you days of frustration and have you up and running super fast with Arduino.

Course details

Who should attend:

The Arduino workshop is for ages 13 to 70+ or anybody interested in modern electronics and building awesome projects. We assume that you have no prior electronics or programming experience at all.  All you need is an interest in electronics!

Internet connection, PC/laptop & kit

This course is live streamed, and you can connect to the course via the Internet. If you can watch YouTube videos without "hiccups" you will be able to do the course. 

We will send your kit to your home, make sure you register soon enough so that the kit arrives in time at your address. Registrations for this course closes 4 days before course start to ensure everybody receives their kits in time.

Age group

We do accept attendees 16 years and older. Younger attendees can be accommodated but must be accompanied by an adult (if the course is not fully booked, parents can attend for free). Children younger than ten will find it difficult and will see little to no benefit in this course.

What will it cost, and what must I bring along?

The cost is R650.00 per person and include your Arduino kit. 

The following components is in the workshop kit:

  • 1x Arduino Uno,
  • Workshop distance sensing kit
  • 1 Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • 1 x  jumper cable pack.
  • 1 x usb cable (30cm).
  • 1 x breadboard,
  • 10 x LED’s.
  • 2 x push buttons.
  • 1 x LDR.
  • 10 x 220E resistors.
  • 1 x 10k potentiometer.
The week before

Before you start the course you have to complete our Prerequisite course which is free: Arduino Prerequisites

Doors open

Register at the course room desk to get your manual & kit. Chat with the trainer & other students while having a tea or coffee

Get Started

We start off exploring microcontrollers and the free software we'll provide. You'll master the basics in no time.

Upload your first program

Don't worry, we do not expect you to be a programmer. We use drag & drop blocks but will also show you how to do it in code. We write code that flashes an LED.

Add Life to your LED.

The program alone won't turn your LED on. We need to supply it with power. Here we will be learning about breadboards, wiring, resistors and ohms law. 

The project is complete

You have made a flashing LED that responds to different sensor readings. You are well on your way to becoming an expert.

Tea break

Don't worry the coffee and tea is on us !

Introducing our Training Board

We have designed a board that makes learning much easier. This board was designed by our technicians and can't be found anywhere else! 

You now know all the components on the training board

You have learned how to use the training board and all the sensors that goes along with it, these include :

  • LDR
  • Potentiometer
  • Ultrasonic Sensor 
  • LED's
  • Buzzer
  • Button
We have created a masterpiece!

With this board you can choose the project you create. 

These projects are:

  • Alarm System
  • Car Reverse Sensor
  • Water Level Sensor

You will have the code for all of these projects!


Ask questions and discuss interesting topics with our trainers in the last half hour of the Course.

I completed the course so what now? 

After the course we will not just leave you in the dark. Join our communities to ask questions and interact with other members. Our support calls and Whatsapp channels are always open to questions. Our Technicians will guide you all the way to Electronics BOSS!


Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Saturday, May 4, 2024
9:00 AM 1:00 PM (Africa/Johannesburg)

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